'Special Club' (100 Capsules | £0.23 per capsule)


'Special Club' (100 Capsules | £0.23 per capsule)

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Intensity:          7/10

Tasting notes: Floral, Chocolate, Sweetness

It's called "Special Club" for a reason - these Gattopardo Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules make an espresso with a unique floral taste and satisfying chocolate-sweetness. The capsules are made with a blend of the finest lightly-roasted Arabica coffee beans. This coffee's delicate flavours and aromas make it perfect for an afternoon espresso.

Gattopardo Special Club Nespresso-compatible capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machines, and are packed in a protective atmosphere to maintain the quality and delicious flavours of the coffee. Always keep coffee capsules in a cool, dry space, and keep them away from excessive heat and cold temperatures.