Gusto Ricco (10+ Capsules | from £0.20 per cap)


Gusto Ricco (10+ Capsules | from £0.20 per cap)

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Intensity:           8/10

Tasting Notes: Roasted, Spicy

A coffee capsule that gives a rich and intense espresso coffee, the Gattopardo Gusto Ricco capsules are perfect for a morning espresso kick! The Robusta coffee beans have a medium-dark roast, giving a strong coffee that is both energising and delicious. All this in a quick, easy to use A Modo Mio capsule!

Gattopardo Gusto Ricco Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules are compatible with all A Modo Mio machines and are packed in a protective atmosphere to maintain the quality and delicious flavours of the coffee. Always keep coffee capsules in a cool, dry space, and keep them away from excessive heat and cold temperatures.