Frequently Asked Questions

All information regarding capsules, coffee, shipping, subscription and so much more is available throughout our website. We won't repeat that information here but compile a list of items which we get asked a lot. Thus, this list may change over time.


My coffee was not delivered 😠

We get the rare inquiry that the coffee does not get delivered. It's all down to our postal service. That is, our online order system and our fulfilment centre are extremely reliable. Regarding postal services, we use Royal Mail. They struggle in some parts of the UK due to Covid19. All parcels get delivered eventually, so no panic! If you provided an email at checkout, you will have received the tracking number (if not, check your spam folder) which allows you to trace the delivery. If you still struggle, just drop us an email under info@movingbeans.com and we will sort all out. 


I need to change my subscription details 🥺

If you only need to change delivery frequency or composition (e.g. change one coffee type for another), then best is you do that yourself by logging into your account or creating an account with us by clicking here. If you struggle, just drop us an email under info@movingbeans.com and we will sort all out. If, however, you need to change the quantity, then our current subscription app (annoyingly) does not allow for that. Best is you delete your recurring order and create a new one. In the meantime, we are scouting for a better solution. Thanks for your understanding 🙏.  


Can I compost the capsules in my garden? 🤔

There are no harmful materials in the capsules, i.e. they are fully compostable and do not contain any plastic nor aluminium. Having said that, the current capsule design is perfected for industrial composting which means that you best throw them out with your organic council waste. Reproducing the same composting conditions at home is difficult and as a result the capsules take longer to decompose. We will shortly release a home compostable version, so stay tuned for these exciting news!