Ambassador Program

Why not enable some social good? And earn some money on the way? 

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What does it involve?

Sign up to our Rewards Program and obtain a unique Ambassador link. Using this link, spread the word about Moving Beans, and our social and environmental mission, with your friends, colleagues and family. It could be a simple post on social media or a chat with a friend. 

What is in for you & your friends?

The people you have referred, enjoy a discount on their product purchase. And since we know how much is attributed to your discount code, we give you the same discount credit on their aggregate purchase. You can redeem it through coffee (or we transfer the money). 

Meet Some Of Our Ambassadors

We are lucky to have a wide range of ambassadors, from very different backgrounds of life: people who just want to make a difference, or run e-commerce, or are social media stars,  Just visit our Testimonials site, to meet some of them, or get in touch with us to learn more.