About Our Capsules

Our capsules are made using materials derived from sugar cane and sugar beet plants. They will fully decompose into compost under commercial composting conditions.

The capsules work with all Original Nespresso® Machines (unfortunately, they cannot be used in commercial and Vertuo Nespresso machines.)

Once you have used them, differently to other ordinary coffee pods, they can be thrown in your organic waste bin. We recommend throwing them out with your organic waste so that they can be composted in an industrial composting plant. The advantage of using an industrial composting facility is that the capsules decompose much quicker. It takes between 12-16 weeks for the capsules to fully decompose. Composting at home will take longer because the right composting conditions - temperature, humidity, time of the year, location of your compost heap, amount of oxygen, amongst many other factors - that influence this complex process.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our capsules have been tested by TUV Austria and has been granted the certification of TUV-Austria - OK Compost and the Standards for Compostability EN13432.