Is Instant Coffee Bad for Your Health?

Is Instant Coffee Bad for Your Health?

March 01, 2021

Let’s admit we all tried instant coffee right? It’s just so convenient, with instant coffee, you don’t have to drive to the nearest coffee shops anymore or you don’t even have to use a coffee maker.

All you have to do is put the instant coffee in the mug, spill hot water, stir, and tadaa! You have your coffee! However, despite instant coffee being famous in many countries, they also fear constantly drinking it.

We all know that natural coffee gives so many health benefits but what's the deal with instant coffee? Does it give the same health benefits or perhaps it's bad for one's health? In this article, we'll dive into that!


What Exactly is Instant Coffee?

You might think,

What exactly is instant coffee though?

Why is it different from natural coffee? They’re both coffee!

Instant coffee is similar to how coffee is brewed which is when you brew ground coffee beans. However, in instant coffee, brewing can be more concentrated. Right after the coffee beans are brewed, they will remove the water from the extract so that they could end up with powder or dry fragments. This is the powder that dissolves when added to hot water.


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Is Instant Coffee Healthy?

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! The answer is Yes. However there’s always a downside of every yes, but more to that later.

Instant coffee is healthy for it has a lot of antioxidants and nutrients like the other type of coffees, in fact, instant coffee may be much healthier than some other types of coffee because of its brewing process. Like other types of coffees, it helps with reducing the risk of having diabetes, Alzheimer's, and liver diseases.

However, here’s the bad news!

Instant Coffee Has More Acrylamide and Less Caffeine

Acrylamide is a type of chemical that can be harmful to your health and this chemical presents itself when the coffee beans are roasted. Don't worry because this chemical is not as harmful as it sounds not unless you take too much of it. You can also find Acrylamide in different foods, items, products, and smoke. It's just that, instant coffee has a lot more acrylamide than a freshly made coffee.

So what happens when I ingest too much Acrylamide?

Ingesting too much Acrylamide will give you a higher risk of cancer and nervous system health issues. Only if you intake too much but the amount of Acrylamide is found lower than the harmful amount.


Instant coffee is healthy and it’s only bad for your health when you drink too much than suggested.


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