Is acidity in coffee good or bad?

Is acidity in coffee good or bad?

So, is acidity in coffee good or bad? Well… it depends. There are good and bad acids where taste is concerned. Though there are many sources of acidity in coffee, it is only a mildly acidic beverage, with a pH of around 5, as compared to the pH of 2 in wine.

You may have heard acidity being described positively as “brightness” when it tastes good, and negatively as “sourness” when it doesn’t taste nice.

Brightness lifts a coffee in your mouth and gives its structure. A lot of the sweetness in coffee is also elevated from such brightness.

Coffees grown at higher altitudes, like the Arabica coffea tree, often exhibit more structured, complex and positive acidity.

Some of the coffees contained in Moving Beans compostable coffee pods have a pleasant level of acidity which give the coffee a unique character. Let us know which you think has that note of "brightness". 


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