I cannot espresso how much I love you!

I cannot espresso how much I love you!

So, it’s Valentine’s Day, and you have no idea what to do. Just as every year. Dan Ariely has summed this up so nicely for Big Data, but it equally holds for the day of love: “Valentine’s Day is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.

We are here to help, of course. Let’s remember, it is the day to celebrate love. So, let's talk love, shall we?

To start with, you love your coffee! No matter what you say, we all know your first morning coffee is above anything else. It is that rich flavour on a dry morning tongue, it is that intense smell of fumes coming from your cup, it is the caffeine pumping life slowly back into you. And, above all, it is that private moment you have with your cup of coffee and yourself.  

Next, and equally important, you love your partner. No matter the quirks and subtleties, you adore your partner for who she/he is. You remember that you have shared some wonderful moments, and that you had good times but also amazing times. And your partner deserves a little thank you, a little present.

Last but not least, you love your planet. You live on it, you live from it, you breathe her air and eat her food. But you see her degrading and feel powerless as no matter what drastic measure you take to a more sustainable lifestyle, you understand it is a drop in the ocean. But, hey, every small step counts. Every step!

Now, let us come to the point: we are one of the very few on our planet right now who can cater for all your three loves. Our planet-friendly Nespresso-compatible capsules do not contain any plastic/aluminum, i.e. are fully compostable, and they contain premium coffee. And here our offer to you to help you through this important day: Our Valentine’s Day Super-Sales allow you to get coffee you love to the partner you love to preserve the planet you love. Can we suggest you add a little note saying:

“I cannot espresso how much I love you!”


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