How Greta Thunberg Changed The World!

How Greta Thunberg Changed The World!

Greta Thunberg went on strike from College last year to Protest climate policy, and after her protest gained attention she has gone on to give talks and write articles for international titles. The teenager was joined by fellow students, instructors, and parents that encouraged her calls for "radical action".

Six months after, Friday's youth-led attack -- comprising 1,000 activities spread over 100 nations -- might be a "landmark moment" in a grassroots campaign to goad world leaders to facing the danger of global warming, activists and specialists say.

"We're just seeing the beginning," tweeted Thunberg, who has turned 16.

Thus far, tens of thousands of have been doing weekly walk-outs, mainly school students in Germany, Belgium, Britain and France, with a smattering of actions from half-a-dozen other nations.

Some national and local leaders have attempted to cajole or sabotage students, but such efforts have mostly backfired. Stokes said those ditching classes would be punished. Greta -- because she is known to all -- reacted in a tweet: "We hear you, and we all do not care. Your statement belongs in a museum."

"Most have not got off time approved by the college management," Isabelle Axelsson, a student planning to get involved in the strike in Stockholm, said. "That is of course a bit sad but this really is a strike, and if you got time off to take out it would it be a strike? Of course we need assistance from the schools and other adults, but of course we can not demand it, this remains a rebellion against the system," she explained.

Climate change impacts vary from one area to the next, but teens confronted with a future that was climate-addled have decided on which to direct their ire. 

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