All about the

All about the "Washed (Wet) Coffee Process"

August 15, 2020

After picking the ripe coffee cherries collected from the Coffea plant, the coffee beans are extracted by using a specific processing method. There are 3 main processing methods: washed (or wet) process; dry (or natural) process and honey (or semi-dry) process. The washed process is the one that dominates the world of specialty coffee. 

Broadly, the washed (wet) method is comprised of three stages:

1️⃣ The freshly harvested cherries are de-pulped by passing them through a cog-like rolling mechanism that pulls the skin and most of the flesh off the bean.

2️⃣ The coffee is fermented in a through of water to remove the remaining mucilage. Changes in the fermentation have a big impact on the coffee. In this step, the “bad” beans float to the top and are removed.

3️⃣ The coffee beans are dried, either sun-dried or through mechanical drying.

Overall, washed coffee often presents a more prominent and defined acidity. Moving Beans coffee, sourced from different coffee farms around the world, is enjoying mostly this method of extraction. The only exception is our Decaf, the exact extraction process of which had been described in an earlier blog. 

Finally, you can learn more about our selection of Moving Beans coffees here.



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